AC Disinfectant/Aircon Klean

AC Disinfectant/Aircon Klean

Includes :


    Air conditioning system in Car is cold & wet making it ideal for the breeding of bacteria and microbes which are not visible from the naked eye. Cooling efficiency of the AC also reduces due to accumulation of dust and dirt contaminants. Car may be swamped with bacteria and microbes if it starts giving foul smell.




    • Elimination of dust, dirt and foreign contaminants.
    • Eliminates bad odour and procreation of bacteria and microbes.
    • Ensures healthy car cabin for passengers.
    • Improved AC cooling efficiency.



    For Small Cars - Rs. 613/-

    For Medium Cars - Rs. 748/-

    For Large Cars - Rs. 818/- 


    Note: * Taxes not included.